Meeting Agenda (subject to changes)

08:15 Registration

09:00 Welcome from the European Risk Management Council

  • Dr Evgueni Ivantsov, Chairman, European Risk Management Council

09:10 Opening remarks from the Meeting Host

  • Michael Imeson, Senior Content Editor, Financial Times Live, and Contributing Editor, The Banker

09:20 The scheduled unpredictability – Brexit, 72 hours to go …

We are approaching the Brexit deadline. In this session, internationally renowned political experts will analyse potential post-Brexit scenarios and the political and economic impact on the UK and the EU-27. What are the implications for each scenario for financial services?  What actions should business leaders take to mitigate the potential negative impact and embrace the opportunities? On stage interview.

Chair: Patrick Jenkins, Financial Editor and Assistant Editor, Financial Times

  • Rt. Hon Tom Brake, MP British Parliament, Spokesperson for Brexit and International Trade
  • Dr Peter Collecott, CMG, Co-Chairman of The Ambassador Partnership and a former Director General Corporate Affairs and Board Member, Foreign and Commonwealth Office and UK Ambassador to Brazil
  • Adam Farkas, Executive Director, European Banking Authority

10:05 Session 2: Geo-political dialogue - When geo-political stability is at stake...

Geo-politics has become a factor in global turbulence which is affecting business in many countries and increasing global uncertainty. How should these geo-political risks be managed, and what sort of opportunities could they create for government and business? The session will be in a format of an on-stage dialogue and will be focused on potential geo-political scenarios, such as a rise in political populism, the impact of President Trump’s international policies on global stability or a NATO-Russia clash. During the session, each selected by the audience scenario will be elaborated describing warning signals, triggers, potential severity and the possible impact on the financial markets.

Chair: Dr Evgueni Ivantsov, Chairman, European Risk Management Council

  • Sir Peter Westmacott, GCMG LVO, a senior British diplomat and a former UK Ambassador to the United States, France and Turkey
  • Charles Hecker, Senior Partner, Global Risk Analysis, Control Risks

10:45 Networking Coffee Break

11:15 Session 3: Climate change: The financial services industry’s response to the global challenge

The political world is still struggling to unite on the climate change issue.  What should be the response of the financial services sector? Panellists will discuss critical questions such as How should financial institutions assess the long-term risks of climate change? How are financial policy makers and regulators responding to climate risks? What are mitigating actions that financial institutions can take individually or collectively?

Chair: Silvia Pavoni, Economics Editor, The Banker magazine

  • Michael Cole-Fontayn, Chairman of Association of Financial Markets in Europe, Chairman of Chartered Institute for Securities and Investment
  • Åse Bergstedt, Chief Sustainability Officer, Inter Fund Management
  • Josué Tanaka, Managing Director, Operational Strategy and Planning, Energy Efficiency and Climate Change, EBRD

11:55 Session 4: Future of risk management - How to improve the risk decision-making process

The aim of this session is to discuss the strategic direction in which risk management should be travelling to ensure adequate responses to the global challenges. In particular, panellists will discuss how CROs and Boards should achieve a diversity of views in the decision-making process, taking into account social responsibility, embracing full and objective information, and combining advanced risk analytics with management judgement and strategic vision.

Chair: Dr Zbigniew Kominek, Director of Risk Policy & Analytics, EBRD

  • Carol Sergeant, Deputy Chairman of Danske Bank, and a non-executive Board Director and Chairman of the Risk Committee of BNY Mellon Bank SA/NV
  • Kevin O’Rourke, Managing Director & Chief Risk Officer EMEA, Mizuho Bank
  • Clare Davies, Chief Risk Officer EMEA, Bank of New York Mellon
  • Alessandro Vecci, Senior Partner, FS Risk Practice Lead Europe, Genpact

12:40 Networking Lunch

13:30 Keynote Address: De-risking digital and analytics transformations

  • Daniel Mikkelsen, Senior Partner, McKinsey & Company

13:50 Session 5: Digital transformation strategy: From being disrupted to being a disruptor

This session will look at how the digital revolution is changing the financial industry’s competitive landscape and the risks that decision-makers should be aware of and should address. The panellists will focus on digital innovation as a competitive advantage, how risk managers should respond to technological change. Most importantly they will explore what financial firms should be doing to transform themselves from followers to leaders, from being disrupted to being disruptors.

Chair: Erkin Nosinov, Director, Enterprise and Financial Risk Lead, BCS Consulting

  • Terri Duhon, Chair of the Board, EMEA Morgan Stanley Investment Management and Non-Executive Director and Chair of Risk Committee, Morgan Stanley International
  • Diane Cote, Group Chief Risk Officer, London Stock Exchange
  • Albert Maasland, Group Chief Executive Officer, Crown Agents Bank and Crown Agents Investment Management
  • Jeremy Larsson, UK General Manager,

14:30 Coffee Networking Break

15:00 Session 6: Digital solutions that transform risk management

Panellists will discuss practical case studies where advanced risk analytics, big data, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and other digital solutions have helped improve the quality of risk management. They will share industry best practices in using advanced risk analytics, data solutions, automation, AI that transforms traditional risk management and make it more powerful and efficient.

Chair: Michael Imeson, Senior Content Editor, Financial Times Live, and Contributing Editor, The Banker magazine

  • Gary Goldberg, Chief Data Officer, Mizuho Bank International and Data IQ Top 100 Data Leaders 2018
  • Clara Durodié, Chair of Cognitive Finance Group, a member of EU Artificial Intelligence Alliance
  • Denis Hall, Chairman of the Supervisory Board, Hyundai Capital Bank Europe

15:40 Session 7: Developing the road map to operational resilience

Participants in this session will analyse the experience of major system failures and lessons learnt.  Panellists will discuss what options are available to mitigate damage and restore normal operations. They will propose practical ways to build the robust operational resilience framework and to create and deploy an effective disaster recovery plan.

Chair: Stephen Morris, European Banking Correspondent, Financial Times

  • Tim Neill, Chief Risk Officer, Vocalink Mastercard
  • Jeremy Arnold, Chief Risk Officer, NatWest Markets
  • Barbara Diette, Senior Vice President and Chief Risk Officer EMEA, State Street

16:20 Closing remarks from the Meeting Host

16:25 Networking reception