Meeting Agenda (subject to changes)

09:15 Registration

10:00 Welcome from the European Risk Management Council

  • Dr Evgueni Ivantsov, Chairman, European Risk Management Council

10:10 Opening remarks from the Meeting Host

  • Michael Imeson, Senior Content Editor, Financial Times Live, and Contributing Editor, The Banker

10:20 KEYNOTE ADDRESS from the World Economic Forum

  • Dr Lee Howell, Managing Director and Member of Managing Board, World Economic Forum

10:40 Session 1: Macroeconomic and political “fault lines” to watch out for in 2020

The macroeconomic environment in Europe remains weak and fragile. At the same time the political turbulence of the past several years doesn’t show any signs of easing, with Brexit, the rise in political populism across the globe, continuing international trade tensions, an escalation of Middle East conflict and the forthcoming presidential election in the US.  How toxic could be this mix of macroeconomic and political risks? What stress scenarios should we consider in 2020?

Chair: Dr Evgueni Ivantsov, Chairman, European Risk Management Council

  • Sir Peter Westmacott, GCMG LVO, a senior British diplomat and a former UK Ambassador to the United States, France and Turkey
  • Frances Haque, Chief Economist, Santander UK

11:20 Session 2: The future role of the CRO: business supporter, controller, policeman, advisor or partner?

This session will discuss the evolution of the CRO’s role, a role which should reflect the future challenges that risk decision-makers must address. In particular, panellists will explore what strategic tasks should be assigned to the CRO; how the CRO should liaise with the Board, other internal decision-makers and external stakeholders; and what expertise and experience will be required for the CRO to successfully lead the risk management function of the future.

Chair: Matthew Blake, Head of Financial and Monetary System Initiative, Member of the Executive Committee, World Economic Forum

  • Colin Church, Chief Risk Officer EMEA, Citigroup (TBC)
  • Marcia Cantor-Grable, Board Director and Chair of Board Risk Committee, Société Générale
  • Perry Thomas, Chief Risk Officer of Insurance and Wealth, Lloyds Banking Group

12:00 Networking Lunch

12:45 KEYNOTE ADDRESS from Knowledge Partner

  • Holger Harreis, Senior Partner, Düsseldorf Office, McKinsey & Co
  • Joseba Eceiza, Partner, Madrid Office, McKinsey & Co

13:05 Session 3. Dealing with the climate change phenomenon: Understanding the financial and non-financial risks

Politicians, environmental activists and business leaders are still struggling to unite on the climate change issue and the path to a sustainable economy.  What should be the response of the financial services sector? Panellists will discuss critical questions on climate change risk. How should financial institutions assess the long-term risks of this global problem? How should climate risks be embedded in existing risk management frameworks? What actions do financial institutions need to take to meet regulators’ and stakeholders’ expectations?

Chair: Silvia Pavoni, Economics editor, The Banker magazine

  • John Scott, Head of Sustainability Risk, Zurich Insurance Group and member of Bank of England’s Climate Financial Risk Forum
  • Kevin O’Rourke, Chief Risk Officer EMEA, Mizuho Bank
  • David Coleman, Managing Director, Head of Risk Management, European Bank Reconstruction and Development

13:45 Session 4. Navigating through globally disruptive trends – climate change, political turmoil and the tech revolution

In the last few years, various environmental, political and technological developments have had a profound transformational effect on society and business. As a result, new risks have come to dominate the financial services threat landscape. How should risk leaders address these challenges, and how well are they prepared? What new skills, tools and methods do they need to deal with these emerging risks?

Chair: David Crow, Banking Editor, Financial Times

  • Michael Cole-Fontayn, Chairman of Association of Financial Markets in Europe, Chairman of Chartered Institute for Securities and Investment
  • James Calladine, Chief Risk Officer, HSBC Bank plc
  • Adam Farkas, former Executive Director, European Banking Authority

14:25 Coffee Networking Break

14:55 KEYNOTE ADDRESS from Bank of England

  • Sandra Boss, Member of the Prudential Regulation Committee of Bank of England and an Independent Member of the Bank of England's RTGS/CHAPS Board and Chair of its Risk Committee

15:15 Session 5. Operational resilience: what it means for the interconnected financial business

Participants in this session will analyse the experience of major system failures and the lessons learnt.  They will discuss what options are available to mitigate damage and restore normal operations in case of major disruption. They will propose practical ways to improve operational resilience and to create and deploy an effective disaster recovery plan.

Chair: Emilio Granados Franco, Head of Global Risks and Geopolitical Agenda, World Economic Forum

  • Alison Barker, Director of Specialist Supervision, Financial Conduct Authority
  • Diane Cote, Group Chief Risk Officer, London Stock Exchange
  • Jeremy Arnold, Chief Risk Officer, NatWest Markets

15:55 Session 6. Managing the risks of digital innovation and disruptive technology: Focus on data security, data privacy and ethics

In the fast-moving world of technology and big data, how do financial institutions ensure the security of the data they gather and the privacy of their customers, while reaping the benefits of digital innovation in their day-to-day business. Panellists will discuss the governance, culture and control frameworks needed to create the right environment for using advanced data analytics, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and other digital solutions in an ethical way, with tight control over security and privacy.

Chair: Stephen Morris, European Banking Correspondent, Financial Times

  • Veronica Iommi, Secretary General, the Institutional Money Market Funds Association

16:35 Closing remarks from the Meeting Host

16:40 Networking reception